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Friday, April 07, 2006

4th ODI: Record win

Hey all, our 15th consecutive run chase and our 8th consecutive victory in ODIs, wot more can an indian fan ask for?? i recall just 3 yrs or so back, we'd turn off our television sets when Sachin and Sourav wud walk back to da pavillion. But since then, the evolution of the indian team has been humongous and now, no total seems to be enough for us. Even without the three Big S's of our batting line up- Sachin, Sourav n Sehwag- either not in the team or in form, we have managed to keep up our good run in chasing totals thanks to the services of our lower order comprising Yuvi, Dhoni, Raina who have risen to the occassion and brought us to some great victories. Today's match though wasnt a one man show. It was a collective effort by the team and everyone contributed their bit towards bringing victory. Pathan as usuall got us the early breakthrough and once again delivered with the bat proving his credibility as an all rounder, making him a real asset to the team. Sehwag, tho he didnt get a big score, atleast got two wickets to his credit. As did Yuvraj Singh whose catch to dismiss Collingwood was simply superb.Sure was worth watching the replays over and over again! And with the bat, he is a class act. Dravid as usual was well amongst runs and Dhoni and Raina made their little contributions too as also did Ramesh Powar whose been bowling well thruout da series. Kaif, once again unable to get a big score, atleast managed to get rid of the 'duck' jinx.Of course, Dravid's captaincy, especially the use of powerplays also deserves a mention. Andrew Flintoff, on the other hand will have a tough job at hand to motivate his players to give their best in the next three games and salvage some pride. Somehoe, things just havent been falling into place for them. But for Pieterson and Flintoff, their batting lacks depth and even their bowlers arent able to cause sufficient damage to a strong indian batting line up. It will be interesting to see how Chappell experiments in the next few games. Dravid, Yuvi, Pathan mite get sme rest.It will be a good opportunity for Kaif to get amongst the runs. Our vice-captain too will be luking to get cracking.Just heard that Sachin is back in Mumbai and will begin training from next month itself. Once Veeru and Sachin get going, we'll be one hulluva side! Australia watch out!


Anonymous karan said...

nice post,but we have to remember england is a depleted side.they dont have some of their best players in this i think freddy is doing a good job.but like all indians, i m elated at a serie win

2:23 AM  

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