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Friday, April 07, 2006

Sachin back :D, ESPN out :(

It was on the news today....Sachin is back in! m so excited!...m a huuuuuuuuuuge fan of his!! is he will be ready for training within a month itself, m so happy for him...i know a lot of people are writing him off..."he's too old", "he's not the same", "he's over" and the like but i have full faith that he'll prove everyone wrong and soon enough too....i dont wanna get started on my defence of (or is it for?) Sachin cuz it will take eternity to shut me up but i just had to share my excitemnt at da news!...also in the news was that BCCI has given the overseas telecast rights for the next 25 matches to ZEE Sports! helloooooo, wots wrong with em?? how can money blind u like dat?? ZEE sports sux n doesnt even deserve to be compared with, its been so long since we've heard the ESPN commentators, a league ahead of their colleagues at DD n Sahara One who should really be sent for training under them!.....We puneites have been really unlucky...r stupid cable wallahs havent payed up or smethig n i have been deprived od ESPN-Star for nearly a year now! ...n thanx to BCCI, i'll have to put up with shitty commentry and even shittier post match discussions after every match from now on.....:(


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