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Hey all, as da name suggests, this place is where i have da liberty to expose you to ne kinda crap! nething at all i find worth mentioning finds a mention here. Cricket and Harry Potter r my biggest interests, so all cricket n HP fans are welcome to visit my blog. Smetimes, to avoid the bore of studying, a few poems also find their way into my blog. Avid writers, my sincere apologies to you!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

IIT JEE finally overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

Hey all, finally D-day arrived and passed n i m a proud survivor of the all important IIT JEE. whew! neva taken a ten hour long exam in my life before! and that too so under-prepared!!! Started off with Physics which wasnt bad.....followed by a two hour long break in which i didnt try to make ne amends by studying and rightfully so, it was followed by the worst math paper iv eva taken in my life! sucked to da core!! i was expecting a much more...well..."solvable" paper but i got the exact opposite! scraped thru da next two hrs of da break, eating lunch and trying desperately to get some chemistry into my head. it was a futile attempt in my case cuz chemistry is my LEAST favourite subject and given da kind of horrible teachers iv had teaching me da subject, i neva got around to studying the end of an hr of the paper, quite a few students followed the initiative taken by one of my bold classmates and put their heads down; 30 mins later, i followed suit, giving in to the exhaustion of a looong day! suddenly, i wasnt bothered nemore, it was ova n thats all dat mattered. also, there was a throbbing ache in my head that made it quite impossible to concerate! then end tho, i was just glad it was over....of course, their are a string of entrance exams still to go but the mother of them all has been fought and done with! :) i was surprised to observe the large number of parents who had come for moral support of their child. they stayed thru d entire 10 hrs! while most children sat in their cars with their parents, having lunch n takin a nap, sme parents had brought along mats n had a sort of mini picnic with their kids, 'feeding' them lunch while the child brushed thru notes! whoa, smetimes i think the parents take more pressure than da child themselves. it almost felt like we were going for war or smething! headaches still nt gone, so m nt gonna write nemore, just needed to get this out...think i'll turn in early and after days, enjoy da liberty to wake up laaaaaaaaaate!


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