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Saturday, July 22, 2006

U've got it all wrong Mr.Manjrekar

I don't understand what Sanjay Manjrekar was trying to establish through his article,"Sachin dont be afraid of failures" in the 'Times of India' today. He thinks Tendulkar is afraid of failures. To quote his first lines,"Sachin Tendulkar has played 362 ODIs n 132 tests. Its time he started thinking like a man whose played 362 ODIs n 132 tests." Surely, a man with such experience n records in international cricket neednt worry about failures! He continues to say that Tendulkar retains the same eagerness n enthusiasm to play but is still unable to accept that his body may not be as supportive. Excuse me, Mr.Manjrekar, I dont think u have done ur homework very well. Tendulkar has mentioned it dozens of times when answering the dozens of questions thrown at him about his injuries that after 16 years in international cricket, it is not as easy for the body to behave the way it did earlier in his career. He came to terms with it long before the writing of this article which may also explain the apprent change in his style of scoring runs over the last two years. Manjrekar goes on to say,"I have found his recent,long absences from the game quite strange." and then he goes on to narrate some baseless events n leaves it to the readers to draw their own conclusions. He makes it seem as though Sachin's injuries weren't real or rather made to seem more serious than they actually were! He seems to think that Tendulkar's absences from the game were planned! Im outraged that knowing Tendulkar's committment to his profession and the team,such things are being written and said about him. "The Tendulkar of today gives me an impression that his main focus is not to fail!And he wants to give himself the best shot at that by competing only when he is in his prime, physically and mentally." I dont understand what the writer is trying to say here. R u saying, Mr.Manjrekar, that Tendulkar should be competing even when he is not completely fit to play his best?? Wouldn't that be taking his place in the team for granted and putting the team at a disadvantage?? For a team to succeed consistently, every player has to contribute. Hence, isn't it natural that if he's had such serious injuries, he would want to wait until he sincerely feels 100% fit, physically and mentally before he starts palying again?? The article has been written in a very sly manner, praising the batsman and at the same time throwing doubts on his credibilty as a player and his dedication to the team. As a Sachin fan, it annoys me to read such atrocious nonsense being written about him. I have complete faith in him and I know he will make his critics eat their words through his performances and leave no room for doubt in anyone's mind about his abilities. At the end of the day, it is Tendulkar alone who understands his game best and is hence better off than seeking the advice of such people who have clearly and rather foolishly given up on him.


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