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Hey all, as da name suggests, this place is where i have da liberty to expose you to ne kinda crap! nething at all i find worth mentioning finds a mention here. Cricket and Harry Potter r my biggest interests, so all cricket n HP fans are welcome to visit my blog. Smetimes, to avoid the bore of studying, a few poems also find their way into my blog. Avid writers, my sincere apologies to you!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

IIT JEE finally overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

Hey all, finally D-day arrived and passed n i m a proud survivor of the all important IIT JEE. whew! neva taken a ten hour long exam in my life before! and that too so under-prepared!!! Started off with Physics which wasnt bad.....followed by a two hour long break in which i didnt try to make ne amends by studying and rightfully so, it was followed by the worst math paper iv eva taken in my life! sucked to da core!! i was expecting a much more...well..."solvable" paper but i got the exact opposite! scraped thru da next two hrs of da break, eating lunch and trying desperately to get some chemistry into my head. it was a futile attempt in my case cuz chemistry is my LEAST favourite subject and given da kind of horrible teachers iv had teaching me da subject, i neva got around to studying the end of an hr of the paper, quite a few students followed the initiative taken by one of my bold classmates and put their heads down; 30 mins later, i followed suit, giving in to the exhaustion of a looong day! suddenly, i wasnt bothered nemore, it was ova n thats all dat mattered. also, there was a throbbing ache in my head that made it quite impossible to concerate! then end tho, i was just glad it was over....of course, their are a string of entrance exams still to go but the mother of them all has been fought and done with! :) i was surprised to observe the large number of parents who had come for moral support of their child. they stayed thru d entire 10 hrs! while most children sat in their cars with their parents, having lunch n takin a nap, sme parents had brought along mats n had a sort of mini picnic with their kids, 'feeding' them lunch while the child brushed thru notes! whoa, smetimes i think the parents take more pressure than da child themselves. it almost felt like we were going for war or smething! headaches still nt gone, so m nt gonna write nemore, just needed to get this out...think i'll turn in early and after days, enjoy da liberty to wake up laaaaaaaaaate!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Sachin back :D, ESPN out :(

It was on the news today....Sachin is back in! m so excited!...m a huuuuuuuuuuge fan of his!! is he will be ready for training within a month itself, m so happy for him...i know a lot of people are writing him off..."he's too old", "he's not the same", "he's over" and the like but i have full faith that he'll prove everyone wrong and soon enough too....i dont wanna get started on my defence of (or is it for?) Sachin cuz it will take eternity to shut me up but i just had to share my excitemnt at da news!...also in the news was that BCCI has given the overseas telecast rights for the next 25 matches to ZEE Sports! helloooooo, wots wrong with em?? how can money blind u like dat?? ZEE sports sux n doesnt even deserve to be compared with, its been so long since we've heard the ESPN commentators, a league ahead of their colleagues at DD n Sahara One who should really be sent for training under them!.....We puneites have been really unlucky...r stupid cable wallahs havent payed up or smethig n i have been deprived od ESPN-Star for nearly a year now! ...n thanx to BCCI, i'll have to put up with shitty commentry and even shittier post match discussions after every match from now on.....:(

4th ODI: Record win

Hey all, our 15th consecutive run chase and our 8th consecutive victory in ODIs, wot more can an indian fan ask for?? i recall just 3 yrs or so back, we'd turn off our television sets when Sachin and Sourav wud walk back to da pavillion. But since then, the evolution of the indian team has been humongous and now, no total seems to be enough for us. Even without the three Big S's of our batting line up- Sachin, Sourav n Sehwag- either not in the team or in form, we have managed to keep up our good run in chasing totals thanks to the services of our lower order comprising Yuvi, Dhoni, Raina who have risen to the occassion and brought us to some great victories. Today's match though wasnt a one man show. It was a collective effort by the team and everyone contributed their bit towards bringing victory. Pathan as usuall got us the early breakthrough and once again delivered with the bat proving his credibility as an all rounder, making him a real asset to the team. Sehwag, tho he didnt get a big score, atleast got two wickets to his credit. As did Yuvraj Singh whose catch to dismiss Collingwood was simply superb.Sure was worth watching the replays over and over again! And with the bat, he is a class act. Dravid as usual was well amongst runs and Dhoni and Raina made their little contributions too as also did Ramesh Powar whose been bowling well thruout da series. Kaif, once again unable to get a big score, atleast managed to get rid of the 'duck' jinx.Of course, Dravid's captaincy, especially the use of powerplays also deserves a mention. Andrew Flintoff, on the other hand will have a tough job at hand to motivate his players to give their best in the next three games and salvage some pride. Somehoe, things just havent been falling into place for them. But for Pieterson and Flintoff, their batting lacks depth and even their bowlers arent able to cause sufficient damage to a strong indian batting line up. It will be interesting to see how Chappell experiments in the next few games. Dravid, Yuvi, Pathan mite get sme rest.It will be a good opportunity for Kaif to get amongst the runs. Our vice-captain too will be luking to get cracking.Just heard that Sachin is back in Mumbai and will begin training from next month itself. Once Veeru and Sachin get going, we'll be one hulluva side! Australia watch out!

3rd ODI:Kaif, Sehwag still a problem

I’m sooooooo happy! Our third consecutive win over England…..Yuvraj’s knock was brilliant and absolutely deserved to be man of da match!……Raina didn’t disappoint either and Pathan was gr8 with da ball too….Agarkar finally managed to scalp two wickets! However, it was another disappointing day for Sehwag. Ppl all around have been suggesting dat he be dropped due to his poor run of scores. He has just not been able to provide da starts that we need, thus putting pressure on the tail. In his past 25 ODI innings he has barely scored 3 half centuries. I have to admit that although theres no questioning his talent and greatness, based purely on current form, he doesn’t deserve a place in da side. The problem is ever since Ganguly’s controversial ouster from the team, dropping a player has assumed too much importance. People seem to think that if a player like Sehwag is dropped, it will mean the end of the road for him. But it is not so! The Ganguly ouster was a separate issue in itself. In fact, when players are dropped for a match or two, it only revives their hunger to play and perform. Dropping him wouldn’t mean that the team has lost confidence in him, but only that they want the player to value his place in the team and earn it back. Players like Sehwag are exceptional and will definitely find their way back soon. However, now with even Tendulkar not playing, it is difficult to drop someone like Sehwag. Who will replace him?? Gautam Gambhir will also have reason to worry. Despite being given so many chances, he has been unable to establish himself in the team. He gets off to great starts but fails to capitalize on them. Agreed that people like Raina, Dhoni and Yuvraj have won us matches in the recent past but we need to have our top order clicking. Only then will we be a world class team. Anuther major under performer in the series has been Kaif. He hasn’t reached double figures in his last 9 innings and has scored 4 ducks in his last 5 outings. There are guys like Venugopal Rao who are waiting in the wings and they deserve a chance to exhibit their potential. A word for Rahul Dravid. Apart from being the most consistent batsmen, he has really come good as a captain. A lot of young talent is now being given chance and a never say die attitude is being seen in the team which is winning us matches even under improbable circumstances. Saw his interview on some channel the other day- just the way he carries himself and his conviction in his job is truly admirable. While I think Goa is the most amazing place, I really don’t think its quite right to be holding an ODI there in the peak of summer. Its scorching in April! Seeing the sweat dripping from Collingwood’s head like a tap really made me feel bad for the players! And the next match is gonna be held at Cochi where the heat will only be worse. Poor players! But I guess the BCCI cant do much cuz there r like so many state cricket associations that are involved when it comes to selecting venues that they don’t really have much of a choice. After every Indian win, I’m always in a great mood like I am right now. And m sure the players will party hard to celebrate in Goa. Me, I’ll just have to settle for posting this blog and praying that the winning momentum continues.